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  • PostHeaderIcon Documents for Safety of Life Due Weapon Delivery PLACE of residence (home address of the applicant) Police area for the Antalya Police Department Director of Weapons Permits, Gendarmerie zone will be applied to the Antalya Provincial Gendarmerie Command. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: 1. Weapon Request Form (Licensing Director of Operations or "http://antalya.pol.tr" can be obtained from.) 2. Governorate Authority (Provincial Security Directorate) addressed petitions (Director of Licensing Operations, or "http://www.antalya.pol.tr/" can be obtained from.) 3. Original copy of ID Card 4. Licenses for weapons taken DOCTOR REPORT (Full-fledged State Hospital will be the Trustees Report) 5. FORENSIC REGISTRY REGISTRATION (especially for the gun license has been requested will be specified, from the Court House will be received. Received by the Judicial Registry Record of Criminal Record in Olma Halle se, "He belongs to certain crimes erhi" Summer has been a Certified Court decision will bring. If the maiden name, name and age if there is correction in this case, judicial registration application to be described in the petition) 6. 4 Piece Color PHOTOS (will be taken within the last 1 year.) 7. If you have the Cause of Safety of Life is in danger, as is specified DOCUMENT (Or from the Courthouse from the police station) 8. Government employees in the institution is a party or who has a se DUTY CERTIFICATE business documents 9. To determine if there will be brought WEAPON (Carrying weapons expired or ending the path previously applied to our branches determined after obtaining the license will be brought to our branches in order). 10. File after it is approved as a 5-year transportation license fee of carrying weapons of Finance whether the deposit receipt to the cashier's office will be brought to 11. Half-lidded file hotel room safe - steel-safe - eurosafe - safe - global business resource - COMBINATION LOCKS - COMBINATION LOCKS - Right to Information Act Regulation on the Application of Principles and Procedures Relating to be.html - Secure Neighborhood Project - PostHeaderIcon Documents for Safety of Life Due Weapon Delivery fire proof gun safe - kuapp