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  • Secure Neighborhood Project Neighborhood Secure system is human nature exists, but urbanization lost the start to the neighborhood relations, systematically making the people themselves and their property protection, fear of crime to reduce crime, to prevent and uncover about police work with a more reliable environment to create a solid contribution and police community connections between applied is a program for development purposes. What are the target of the project?

    Preventing crime: The most important goal of neighboring Secure system security measures to prevent crime by increasing crime prevention by creating awareness, sensitivity is to create a society. Neighborhood Securema crime against the police and the community's unity and solidarity is the a proof. The goal of the program Secure neighbors, the most important type of crime and theft from home, especially "break and enter" - "break and play" type to prevent theft is to catch the perpetrators. This type of crime perpetrators are hard to find but simple and effective measures taken by citizens can prevent crime are easily. Reduce the fear of crime, A sense of security in the region, and the local share to increase safety, To be more prudent to encourage, To spread the spirit of community that, Improve the environment, To prevent crime, Occurs when the crime to the police to help To reduce undue fear of crime, Improve police and community ties, THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT COMMUNITY AND POLICE AND PARTNERSHIPS of the working in partnership to YAPMA, THE PREVENTION OF CRIME AND LIGHTING is QUITE SIGNIFICANT. STRATEGY This program, individuals in the region with information about crime trends and what measures will ensure that citizens will inform about. In this way, reducing crime rates in the region a safer environment is provided. Need for personal as well as home security brochures distributed to citizens with advice in crime prevention against crime by creating awareness of crime will be reduced and finally applied this program, which will be placed in areas clearly marked with the following message is given to the environment; "We're a whole" Neighborhood Includes Securema What? Neighborhood watch programs in all cases, depending on their field goals and characteristics are different than. But these points are common ... Neighborhood crime rates or the Secure system only to reduce the fear of crime was developed as a system do not have to look at. Now if you think you're experiencing some problems, and neighbors can help you see how Secure system. As an example; Your local school or in schools with low levels of damage to windows you may want to download, Sites is not enough parking space, was left off of the car theft problem being faced with such problems may Site of the garden or park to the people who came in late at night for noise and the inconvenience that you may want to resolve this problem. After; I have done well, the program's further development and operation to solve the problem by taking measures, among individuals with a strong police communications network to ensure the establishment of regular meetings with the re-assessments and programs to strengthen as the days have passed. Practice Area This program is supported by the police, but they walk by Discontinued is a community activity. Success, members of the program is directly proportional to their businesses effectively. but the "neighborhood watch" on people, especially vulnerable individuals in society, know each other and with other individuals in society in a more effective aid gives the chance to be.

    Conclusion: Antalya Police Department Director of Preventive Services to implement the projects and the results we will discuss if we; -Director of Preventive Services by increasing the number of motorized teams on the city's main intersection Artel and the possible escape of suspects have been taken under control direction. Increasing the number of dolphins through time to the event more comfortable on the streets more narrow range of intervention and mobility opportunities are created. In-view, but Penal receipt at the bottom of the vehicle owner, vehicle in the articles written warning about not leave notes, attached to the windshield wipers of vehicles by our citizens have become conscious. Earlier in this theft, such as the police in cases of negligence or even blame, and even that "police do it, but even those who do not catch a thief in common with because" he could go so far as our citizens from this practice no longer blame the police instead, he can also do things that saw otodan theft are serious crimes has been declining. -Criminals silence and darkness from the fact I love to act, previously used as a tool for communication of the night watchman of the whistle, ring the police officers working in our office the night to the sound of silence have transformed the trust. Night where the owner-occupier and the police do not think any of the citizens, the whistle of the police themselves feel more secure as soon as they have stated. At first, their guard and feel like a whistle that they consider useless application of the officers or the citizens' satisfaction and their confidence about the outcome of the application of pipe in the region theft incident occurred absence and saw more willing to do the task began. Moreover, feasibility studies and proposals in line with our citizens, the city where lighting is inadequate the efforts of institutions as a result TEDAS a large part of the city is illuminated and thus a decrease in the crime rate has been in here. Our citizens have expressed their satisfaction about the work. Off-making the opinions of the municipal district market entry and exit gates were also held events in the pockets of the officers were assigned to recognize suspicious. Thus, a serious decline in the crime market in the pockets were observed. Neighborhood relations-development, to reduce fear of crime and crime prevention in order for the first time in Antalya in Turkey and the "neighborhood watch system" as ni Antalya Police have implemented. About this issue before us is not an example of what we should do and what problems we can in this process in terms of our vision we selected a pilot site. But our first meeting of this system becomes aware of any other site managers as they participate in this meeting and included in the system of their own site with requests be encountered. This is on top of a neighborhood instead of a site we have chosen as the pilot area. This neighborhood located within 38 to ensure contact our branch area of the site coordinators and regional coordinator was detected. They held meetings with the participation of all residents have access to. Opportunities that we have created our own posters, brochures, Flayer, kitapcklar, stickers distributed to residents as we have suppressed. Inputs to the system, including the building that they are showing warning signs of takdrdk. Besides this, the city's busiest streets bilboardlar, bus stops have to make the bat. A short film about the subject of our citizens to follow in preparing and public buses have provided it. Thus, we have to inform about all the people of Antalya. All of them showed great interest as a result of our people and we further request was gayretlen. System now all our work continues to spread globally to Antalya. With the aim of reducing theft incident uv-light-sensitive pen marking application launched. With these items in homes, workplaces or anywhere otolarda of the valuables belonged to whom goods put a sign stating. Topics of these marks on the naked eye but can not be identified with a particular device can be told. Theft for the purpose of marking the sight of people do is done by specifying stickerlar houses, businesses, and we've pasted into otolar visible location.

    -Antalya Police Department as we have implemented projects with our valuable citizens nested going to a restructuring of our people deserve the services that most series and most effectively to present themselves in the effort so we will be more secure and peaceful environment we can provide are moving faith. If you refuse to be part of the solution then you're a part of the problem or the problem will agree to live under threat. hotel room safe - steel-safe - eurosafe - safe - global business resource - COMBINATION LOCKS - COMBINATION LOCKS - Right to Information Act Regulation on the Application of Principles and Procedures Relating to be.html - Secure Neighborhood Project - PostHeaderIcon Documents for Safety of Life Due Weapon Delivery fire proof gun safe - kuapp